Babies tend to love their prams and as a parent you want to do everything you can to make sure the pram is as comfortable and safe as possible for your little one. 

Dooky universal pram curtains are designed to fit any pram or capsule. They attach around your pram hood easily, offering privacy and comfort for your baby while you’re out together.


A pram sunshade curtain offers a variety of benefits: 

It’s an ideal and safe way to provide shade for your baby and keep them cool during hot weather, minimising the risk of sunburn and heat stroke. It also gives your little one the privacy and calm surroundings they need when it’s time for a nap.

The fabric blocks out 95% UVA and UVB rays: UPF40+ and provides good air circulation for your baby to prevent overheating. (Did you know covering your pram with a blanket or even a muslin cloth could be putting your baby at risk... read more about why in this article.)

The ring attachment enables you to slide the curtain sideways to provide the coverage you need for your child. You can easily check on your baby at any time, without the need for pram clips or lifting blankets or cloths.  


Made from 100% Cotton, BPA free plastic & non toxic print.

Handwash only.

WARNING: Never completely cover your pram. This is especially important in hot climates as it will increase temperatures and decrease air circulation, this will put your baby at risk. On very hot days always seek shade. Remember never to leave your baby unattended and always ensure there is adequate air circulation.


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